A Chance At Happiness : Should We Open The Borders And Allow Free Migration?

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A Chance at Happiness: People in Texas know how to complain about immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexican border, but what they don 't understand is they 're not crossing to steal our jobs - they are crossing to create a better life for their children. The question still stands today: Should we open the borders and allow free migration? Saying both yes and no have their benefits, but it should ultimately be up to the citizens of the state ( Texas ) since they’re the one’s who it will affect this most. When Jose Luis Zelaya was just 13 years old in 2000, he immigrated to the United States from Honduras all by himself out of fear of his abusive father. His lone-travel took 45 days, where he illegally crossed into Texas. He was detained for just over 2 months, which he was then released to his mother- a resident of Texas. He is now a doctoral student at Texas A&M, and has released his story of his travels. ( “This is what it’s like to cross the border illegally at 13 years old” ) This is a story of a boy who wanted a Chance at Happiness. He was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in Barrio Cabanas- one of the most dangerous cities in the entire world. There were a low of shootings, a lot of killing, a lot of violence, and little to no opportunity. Growing up, they lived next to a really dirty creek. This is a memorable place because in the creek were various things, things such as dead animals and people. People would use this river to wash their clothes, fish for food,…

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