Essay on A Challenging Event For Me

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A challenging event for me was moving from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia then again to Jersey. I was about thirteen to fourteen when my mother told me that we were moving from our little home on Puerto Rico. I was shocked when she told me about the moving. Everything I knew and loved overseas, the befriended people, the family, and the wonderful food. All staying there, while I moved away from all of it. But at the same time I was feeling relieved, because Puerto Rico, the area we used to live in was the deadliest place on the island. The crime was constant, getting a job was difficult and if hired the pay was too low for so much hard work. My family was struggling and enough was enough. An opportunity was presented and without thinking it was took. The reason why my family didn’t hesitate to take the risk was because we lived in a cramped house, with barely any incomes and we couldn’t keep up with the payment for the house. Now began my challenging event of moving from my hometown of Puerto Rico to these new locations. My new journey to Philadelphia was not what I had envisioned; I had in my mind that it would be like it was in the movies. With nice neighborhoods, good education systems, accompanied by friendly faces, but I was so incorrect. My family had arrived to Vilma’s house, which was in Allegheny; in other words the worst part in Philadelphia. Vilma is my mother’s childhood friend and she was kind enough to allow us to stay at her home until we found a…

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