Essay about A Catholic Church For My Cultural Plunge Project

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Every culture has different beliefs. A few weeks ago, I went to a Catholic church for my cultural plunge project. It was a new experience for me because it was my first time going to a church. According to what I have learned from the textbooks, Christianity and Catholicism carry some elements in common, such as the similarities in the worship of Christ and the practices of prayer as well as bible reading. For that reason, it is difficult to distinguish the differences between the two. In order to understand more about individuals who identify themselves as Catholics, I decided to choose Catholics as my focal group. I hope that I would be able to use this cultural plunge activity to gain more knowledge about Catholicism.
Since I was born and raised in a family with traditional Chinese backgrounds, I do not know much about different religions. In my family, we do not go to church or temple. Despite the fact that my family does not have any religious practices, my family members and I do have some special customs that we follow during the holidays. Most of the time, many individuals assume that the Chinese are Buddhists, that is not true though. Actually, some Chinese are Buddhists and some are Christians. In some cases, a few of them do not follow any religions at all. I found that it is interesting that many individuals always associate eastern countries with Buddhism. One of the reasons is that Buddhism emerged in India and widespread to the other Southeast Asian countries…

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