A Case Study On A Registered Nurse And The Care Essay

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This essay will be based on a case study that focuses on a registered nurse and the care that was given to one of her patients which will include patterns of knowing and bioethical principles, which should have informed the nurse about the possible actions she could have chosen for a possibly better outcome for the patient. Four elements of negligence that must be met in order for the nurse to be considered legally negligent. Along with the (NMBA) nursing and midwifery board of Australia 's codes and guidelines that the nurse should have been aware of, that would have guided her to make more beneficial decisions.

The scenario was about a 47-year-old male, Jason, who was transferred post knee replacement surgery from the operating theatre ¬to the surgical ward, into the care of Gemma, a Registered Nurse.

As per policy and procedure, the patient was wearing a pair of anti-embolism compression stockings (TED stockings). As the Registered nurse assessed the patient, he told her that he will not wear them anymore, as they look silly and his friends are coming to see him. The registered nurse simply told the patient that he should keep the stockings on, however, he did not comply and removed them.

The next day, the registered nurse returned to the ward for her rostered day shift and was called into the nursing unit managers office, where she was informed that overnight the patient developed shortness of breath, was incubated and transferred to the intensive care unit, where…

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