Case Analysis: Chick-Fil-A

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Market Research
To continue to be the leader in the Chicken Fast Food chain industry, conducts research will be conducted to ensure that the proper implementation and monitoring of the new chicken burger is successful. In addition, a brief study of legal or ethical implications should be looked at; as well any corporate social responsibilities.
1. Panel of operators from across the country to discuss what customers are looking for in terms of chicken burger.
2. Interviewing customers during the test market phase of the chicken burger.
3. Conducting a focus group to test revisions to the chicken burger.
Ethical/Legal Factors
Chick-Fil-A is committed to legally comply and uphold their ethical standards for themselves and their suppliers.
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By offering a “healthy” burger option it will increase the variety of items being offered on their menu and truly create a one stop fast food restaurant satisfying all consumer needs and wants.
Test Markets
Statewide, Georgia has the most restaurants per capita with 212 Chick-Fil-A locations. This equates to 45,696 residents to every location (Ostermeier, 2012). In addition, the next three states all border Georgia with South Carolina at #2, North Carolina at #3 and Alabama at #4 (Ostermeier, 2012). Therefore, the chicken burger would be best suited to be tested in the Southern US locations before implementing the additional menu item to the other Chick-Fil-A locations.
Social Media
Creating and distributing a series of ad campaigns introducing the chicken burger through social media will build brand awareness. In January 2016, Moxie, a marketing and technology agency ranked Chick-fil-A #1 favorite American brand on all major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Moxie, 2016).
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Product must in at locations to test no later than 30 days in advance of rollout date
2. Operators will be trained on how to properly cook and serve product
3. Employee testing of new product to ensure maximum customer service
4. Rollout - National Cow Appreciation Day is scheduled for July 12, 2016. The rollout of the chicken burger would best be received, if any patrons that dress in cow costumes received a free chicken burger on this day.

Control Metrics
To measure the success and ultimately improve the implementation of the chicken burger into the Chick-Fil-A menu; the use of data collected from social media outlets, units sold by market and customer feedback will be imperative. Social Media
1. Define and analyze the number of search engine hits from websites such as Google or Bing.
2. Define and analyze the number of visitors to Chick-Fil-A website.
3. Define and analyze the number of consumers who visit the specific chicken burger social media page.
4. Define the number of consumers who order chicken burger from the social media site.
Units Sold
1. Review and determine success of chicken burgers by number of units sold.
2. Analyze which chicken burger option is most successful

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