A Case Study Of Healthy Potion Essay

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The following is a case study of Healthy Potion which is an Australian beverage company and relies on imported herbal from China as material. This paper will analysis strategy by SWOT and Michael Porter’s model. And it will also compare which strategy is better for new business development. Moreover, evaluation of debt and equity financing and plan for raising funding will be discussed at the end of this paper.
Strategy analysis
This section represents a brief strategy analysis of Healthy Potion by using SWOT and Michael Porter’s ‘Five Forces’ model analysis. Strategy analysis have serious beneficial for business outperforming than competitors for the long run. (JI K 2015a). ‘SWOT’ is the abbreviations of four words’ initials which are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition, Strengths and weakness are internal analysis, while, opportunities and threats offer external inquiry. (ibid).
The first Strength of Healthy Potion business is a core competence which is importation herbal concentrate from north- east China. And it is also a strong physical recourses advantage to build a successful brand which offer higher population and sales volume. (Janice A. Black and Kimberly B. Boal 2007)
Moreover, the owner of Healthy Potion is a sole trader who offers on his own sales behaviour. (ibid). Owner of Healthy Potion is not required to get consent from other leaders or a board of directors to control any strategy or production, which cause…

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