A Case Study Of Bangladesh And Papua New Guinea Essay

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World climate is degrading in different ways to strive with the human need. Standing in this situation, we are trying to organize the natural resource management through the utilization of scientific knowledge (research based) as well as other knowledge like local or indigenous knowledge system. On the other hand, to keep continuous food supply for every living body along with stable climate, are the concerning parts of the natural resource management. When increasing production of food and stable resource management is not compatible with each other at this moment, different knowledge systems are promoting for resource management all over the world to solve this problem. Integrated different knowledge under one umbrella is a challenge because diverse way give diverse solution and satisfying local people with the scientific solution is more difficult where they keep in-depth knowledge about resources in a specific area. A case study of Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea will present a brief example of the topic. Though it is problematic to use diverse knowledge in a holistic manner, only government can do this job and we don 't have any alternative to save ourselves from the wrath of nature.

What is NRM:
At starting, we need to clarify what is NRM. Natural resource management is different in different area, even among people but as a scientific explanation it is- “an interdisciplinary field of study that considers the physical, biological, financial and social aspects of…

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