A Case Study Of Asthma Essay

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A case study of asthma in a 10 year old European child.

This case study will cover the normal structure and function of the respiratory system. This case study will also discuss the changes that occur when asthma is triggered, and the routine diagnostic tests/vital signs for asthma. The normal range of the routine tests/vital signs for asthma and three nursing interventions that are required to meet the clients needs in relation to asthma will be explained further.
To stay alive we need oxygen, and to get the oxygen we breathe it in and in exchange we breathe out carbon dioxide, this is called respiration. Breathing or respiration happens continuously and automatically. The respiratory system has two respiratory tracts called the upper and lower respiratory tracts. The upper respiratory tract consists of the respiratory organs found on the outside of the chest cavity. These are the nose and nasal cavities, pharynx, larynx, and upper trachea. The lower respiratory tract contains the organs in the chest cavity, and these are the lower trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli. The normal function and structure of the respiratory system begins when one takes a breath. That breath will then flow through two airways, either the mouth and or nose. When we breathe through our nose, the air enters through two openings called nostrils. In the nostrils there are tiny little hairs called cilia that filter out dust and other foreign particles that may enter. It is…

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