Essay A Case Study Involving An Ethical Dilemma

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As the law ends, ethics begins its course. In the healthcare system, law and clinical ethics are disciplines that have related concepts with unique parameters and a separate focus (Atkins, De Lacey, and Britton 2014). To better understand the role of law and ethics in healthcare and their overlapping responsibility and influence in the Australian healthcare system, an analysis will discuss a case study involving an ethical dilemma. Various relevant legal issues, ethical principles, and theories will be discussed. This study will first briefly define the concept of law and ethical conduct in Australia before observing the scenario and the moral dilemma created by it. Ethical decisions will be measured and finally two different pathways to solve the dilemma will be scrutinized to assess their implications, legal and moral foundation.
The law in Australian healthcare system is rules and regulations implemented by healthcare workers; it also incorporates criminal, contract law and torts (Then, & McDonald, 2014). Such laws are mainly set to protect patients and provide the medical system with a conducive environment (Finlay, Stewart and Parker 2013). The law provides the foundation for ethics and nurses are regulated in their professional work by the codes of ethics (Nursing and Midwifery board of Australia, 2008). Ethics in healthcare refers to the act of doing the right thing while delivering best possible health care (Butts & Rich, 2015). Understanding and applying the…

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