Essay on A Case Study Analysis : The Iv Therapist

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This case study analysis is fairly short, yet it is most likely this occurrence has happened numerous times in the health care field. In this situation there is an IV therapist that needs to have blood work on a patient. The IV therapist needs to draw blood on a patient that is unconscious. She describes to the patient what she is going to do, yet a Chief Resident walks in the room and points out in a snobbish way that the patient is in a coma and she does not need to talk to him. The Chief Resident teases the IV therapist by laughing at her in front of a crowd saying that the patient is in a coma and there is no need to talk to him. In health care organizations it is expected to have civility in an individual’s character. Two examples of civility in this case are from the IV therapist and both Chief Resident and her. According to Makely (2013), ”Civility can be described as polite behavior, being courteous, having good manners, and keeping a respectable personal etiquette” (p. 78). The first example of civility in this situation is that the two both demonstrates being courteous to each other. Throughout the conversation between the two they would listen to each other and not interrupt one other or yell at one another. The second example of civility is from the IV therapist. She continued to have good manners throughout the exchange even after the Chief Resident was rude to her. She kept her manners by thanking the Chief Resident and went on with what she was…

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