Essay about A Case On The Prisoner 's Dilemma

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A situation in my life in which I faced a similar dilemma to the Prisoner’s Dilemma was when three friends and myself dealt with a secret that absolutely could not be exposed. The situation was that my best girl friend (friend 1) and I were torn on whether we should have told our other girl friend (friend 2) a secret from our close guy friend (friend 3). The big secret was that friend 3 had a crush and intimate feelings towards friend 2. He came to friend 1 and I about his secret, but we all agreed to not tell friend 2 due to the risk of damaging their friendship and also we did not want to bring stress into her life in case she did not have the same feelings back. Friend 1 and I were definitely stuck in the situation. If we both did not reveal the secret to our best friend (friend 2) and stayed quiet, then we are being good friends towards our guy friend (friend 3), but bad friends toward friend 2 because we are hiding something behind her back. If one of us reveals the secret to our best friend, then the quiet one will look like a bad friend for not saying anything, but the one that did the revealing will look bad to our guy friend. However, if we both speak up to friend 2, then we are being good friends to her and not hiding any secrets, but bad friends towards our guy friend and we would have lost his trust. The ending of this situation was that both friend 1 and myself never said a word to friend 2; all of our friendships were okay and we did not want to cause any…

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