A Case Management Meeting At The Headstart Program Essay

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This focus video shows a client named Alexander, who is a five year old Mexican-American child. Alexander’s parents both have unknown mental health diagnoses and are homeless. Due to these conditions as well as physical abuse by the mother, Alexander and his three younger siblings were removed from his parents care seven months ago by child protective services. The four children were placed with his paternal aunt, who was granted temporary guardianship. In the current living situation with his aunt, there are a total of eight children and three adults.
The history of the present mental health case began when Alexander began attending the Headstart program in December of 2015. In January 2016, when the teacher could no longer manage his behaviors in the classroom he was given a mental health referral. During the referral process it emerged that the problematic behaviors that he had been exhibiting in the classroom were also present in the home environment. In February 2016, a case management meeting was held and Alexander was referred by the program director to be evaluated by a psychiatrist, as well as enrolled in PCIT at the clinic setting. Thus far, I have seen Alexander in the classroom setting five times, and have conducted one on one sessions twice.
The presenting concern that Alexander was referred for was behaviors of biting, hitting and kicking others in both the classroom and home settings. Additionally, the guardian and teacher have expressed concerns about his…

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