A Case For Anti Kickback Law Violations Essay

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This investigation stems from Dr. Fonn self-reporting that he his privileges had been suspended for 30 days from a hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO. It was due to alleged conflict of interest and federal prosecution for Anti-Kickback law violations. He also answered positive to remuneration for two cases in the past year. A case was opened.
On 012-16-2014, the Board office received an application for Missouri Medical License from Dr. Sonjay J. Fonn, DO of Cape Girardeau, MO. In filing for his 2015 medical license, Dr. Fonn answered yes to Questions#15, #17, #19 and #20.

Dr. Fonn responded to each of the “Yes” marked questions. The following is the text of the explanations that he provided:

Subpoena to St. Francis Medical Center and Attorney Rick Watters
In order to secure information regarding the suspension of Dr. Fonn from St. Francis Medical Center, a subpoena was applied for to obtain any records they have regarding that discipline and any evidence regarding the allegations of Anti-Kickback violations.

I received the subpoena and on 03-16-2015, I went to St. Francis Medical Center to serve it. At 10:40AM, I served the subpoena to Executive Assistant Marie Kluesner in the Administrators Office of SFMC. She initialed the return. It is Attachment #2 for this report.

About 4:30PM, 03-16-2015, I received a call from the attorney for SFMC, Mr. Rick Watters. Mr. Watters advised that SFMC is readily able to provide the disciplinary documents…

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