Life: The Detective Career

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A Detectives Life
Have you ever woken up one morning and decided you wanted to become a detective? I am researching this career because it is something I might want to do later on in life. It has always interested me and it is a super exciting career. This paper will explore the job description, requirements, and salary expectation, including the career path for a detective position. First, the job description for a detective includes many aspects. To begin, the general duties include several components. Career Cruising shares that taking pictures, gathering evidence, and interviewing witnesses at crime scenes are some of the when working this job. They also need to identify suspects and keep records of the findings. Some detectives might
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To begin, there are factors that affect salary. Some of the factors are where you live and how much you work. How much experience might have a big impact on salary as well. Hours normally worked are 40 hours a week but a lot of the time you work a lot of over time. (Detectives) The benefits consists of special pays, including shift differential pau for time worked on nights and weekend. Detectives also get longevity pay based on years of service. They are paid more for overtime, comp time, and court time. They get insurance coverage options and retirement packages. The entry wage for Kansas is $20.00 per hour and $41,740 annually. The median wage is $24.13 per hour and $50,200 annually. The experienced wage is $53.34 per hour and is $69,550 annually. Plus, the Career Path offers several opportunities for growth. Level One title is the police officer, and they will make $31,000-$50,000 yearly. You have to have a high school diploma. Preferably, a college degree, a college degree will give you a better chance of getting the job. You must meet the physical fitness requirements police forces ask for. Some of the responsibilities police officers have are enforcing laws of city and state and patrolling neighborhoods. They also need to apprehend criminals and assisting victims of crime. The last thing they need to do is administrative paper work. Level two title is a detective and they make around $50,000-$80,000 a year. They need about 3 years of experience as a police officer. They need a strong on the job experience. They will need a completion of an exam the police force gives you but not all police forces give you the exam. Some of the responsibilities a detective has are gathering evidence in criminal investigation. They need to keep accurate records and paper work. They also arrest suspects and testify in court. Level three title is a Senior Detective and they make around $80,000-$115,000 a year. They

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