Essay about A Career Of Automotive Technology

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A Career in Automotive Technology
The major that I choose is one that I initially set out to pursue, mainly because I find the subject incredibly interesting. I am amazed at how a machine with so many different parts could work so harmoniously together. My discovery of automotive technology is as simple as this—I bought a lemon. As I stand on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck—again! -- I remember feeling frustrated Similarly, I remember great feelings of curiosity, and I think, how do cars work anyway? The first class I enrolled in was an advanced class on fuel system diagnostics. I remember introducing myself to John Farley, the Fullerton College Auto shop forman, “How much experience do I need to pass the class?” I asked, and he replied-- “Well, what do you know?” and I told him, “I only know what I’ve read in books.” Even though I made an uncharacteristic, intuitive decision to pursue an education in the area of automotive technology, my enthusiasm for the subject motivated me through a successful first semester, which fueled my desire to continue with the Automotive Technology program, however, the idea was premature and I would ultimately wind up withdrawing midway into my third semester. Previous to Fullerton College, career and life planning was unknown territory and as circumstance would soon reveal, the traditional route to a new career demands more than mere enthusiasm and desire, it requires a plan.
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