A Career Counseling Plan For Katie Golanski Essay

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Katie: A Career Counseling Case This paper is a career counseling plan for Katie Golanski, and examines her current skills, and potential, as well as future goals. Several assessments will be examined, and related to the career plan, such as the Kuder Scale, and Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator. Specific career counseling theories, Krumboltz’s Social Learning Theory, and Super’s Career Ladder, will also be applied to the proposal. An assessment, as well as, current, and future career goals will be presented. All proposed recommendations are to assist Katie in obtaining her future career goals.
Katie is a twenty-three year old, single, Caucasian female with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and Sociology/Criminology from William Penn University, in Iowa. At present, she is attending Lindenwood University, in Belleville, Illinois, and working towards her masters in School Counseling. She is passionate about basketball, and currently works as a Graduate Assistant, coaching the women’s basketball team at Lindenwood. Her future career plans are to incorporate both work as a basketball coach, and school counselor, two of her passions. An interest in the brain functions, and human behaviors have resulted in a pursuit of courses in psychology which are some of her favorites. At the opposite end of the spectrum, courses such as, Math and Science she does not prefer. Relevant courses that pertain to her aspirations have been Life Span Psychology,…

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