Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Registered Nurse

Anyone who has received adequate care from a RN would agree that nurses help make the world go around. They provide support to medical doctors, encouragement to families, and a kind hand to those in need. Registered nursing has been at the forefront of healthcare since before its official regulation in 1903. Most find it difficult not to admire the hard work and dedication it takes to become and remain a Registered Nurse. This overview will touch on key aspects of the profession including education requirements, licensure information, job outlook, and personality traits. Registered Nursing is a versatile and expanding profession. On any typical day a RN may perform several duties in healthcare; “provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.” …show more content…
My degree plan states that my projected graduation year is 2020. In the year 2021 it is my hope to be employed in an administrative setting within a field that will accept my degree and attending nursing school. I anticipate being a member of a nursing organization such as the International Council of nurses. The foundation that my degree establishes will create a well of resources and skills sets to which I can apply to anything. I am prepared to tackle whatever my nursing career is ready to give me. In conclusion, becoming a nurse in the U.S. is as equally challenging as it is rewarding. The amount of work and dedication that has to be manifested and applied in order to succeed undoubtedly prepares nurses for the tough world of medicine. Specific personality traits will help your success in the career due to its realistic application in a healthcare setting. If assisting physicians, providing patient care, and helping families cope and learn is something that appeals to you, then nursing may be your next

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