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Music has become so modernized with the use of great technology over the years. The simple yet complex sounds of the human voice which in times past was the only “instrument” available or allowed is now making a strong comeback due to a cappella’s pureness compared to the advanced technology we so eagerly embraced in the past. Musicians have even modernized a cappella today by using their voices to create wonderful rhythms and vocal percussions. As Deke Sharon told Here & Now’s Robin Young, movie musicals and a cappella have experienced a renaissance because “So much in music now has become mechanized, there’s almost robotic tuning and lots of synthesizers, so people respond to the human voice and the connection that people feel when they hear …show more content…
This style of singing came to be known as a cappella, meaning, "of the church" or "in the style of the church" in Italian. At the time, instruments were not considered appropriate for catholic masses, so any music was done in chant - a chorus that would sing religious texts. When most people think of chant, they think of Gregorian chant, which normally had one melodic line with no harmonies. There are plenty of different forms of chant however that developed simultaneously and over time with Gregorian chant, like Ambrosian chant; that would have Eastern influences and multiple voices. There 's a great deal of history related chants themselves, such as the creation of musical modes and notation that effectively began modern music as a whole. In terms of a cappella music, this is where it all began. Over time, as monks began to understand how harmonies and chords worked, polyphonic chant started to become the norm, moving music from the medieval period of chants to the Renaissance period of multi-part harmonies and voices. Chant still exists, but is starting to go on its way out as music gets more

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