A Call For Unity By Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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Racial friction in the south during the 1950’s and 1960’s was becoming increasingly worse. On April 12, 1963 eight clergymen from Alabama wrote a statement that was published in a newspaper titled “A Call For Unity”. These clergymen criticized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., saying that his demonstrations were “unwise and untimely.” Urging their black citizens to withdraw their support from the demonstrations being led by Dr. King, an “outsider”, so they said. To solve the problems of racial injustice the clergymen said that the problems should be pursued in the courts with honest negotiation within their own community. However they also criticize king for breaking laws, provoking violence, and being an extremist. When King reads their published statement he is compelled to answer that statement, believing that his fellow clergymen are of “genuine good will.” The Letter from Birmingham Jail is a response to the criticisms made against him, and he specifically answers all of those criticisms while he is in jail for parading without a permit. Dr. King states he is in Birmingham because of two reasons, the most important being that it is where injustice is. Also, in response to being “untimely” King, later in his letter, states that time itself is neutral and it is irrational to think that there is something in the flow of time that can cure anything. Time can only be used in destructive and constructive ways.
Along with being in Birmingham because of a “Macedonian” call for aid…

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