Essay about A Call For A Greater Awareness For The Concussion Crisis

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I write this letter to day to call for a greater awareness for the concussion crisis taking place in the National Football League. Football is the most watched sport in the United States and arguably one of the most dangerous. Thankfully, football has been put in the spotlight in recent years for the concussion crisis that is taken place but there is still not enough being done. Concussions acquired in football are drastically altering athlete’s lives once they leave the game, particularly NFL players. The main reason football is still being played is because of its huge market and revenue. There are many lobbyists fighting for its survival and this can be dangerous because they are fighting against the truth and science. The safety and value of an athlete’s life are being put in jeopardy because of viewers wants and owners wants. Another major problem is people just don’t really understand the repercussions of getting a concussion. Sure, people hear it all the time that it’s not good to get a concussion. However, they do not understand the long term implications and life altering effects it can really have on one’s life. In order to address this epidemic, as the Center for Disease and Control has called it, we must have a greater awareness for the dangers and repercussions of concussions caused by football. We must not only have a greater awareness but we must priorities an athlete’s health over the pleasure of watching a football game.
It is important to know the history…

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