A Business Support Manager At The Department Of Social Services

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As a Business Support Manager at the Department of Social Services (DSS), I provided strategic and operational financial advice to the Executive leadership group and staff. The advice I provided included internal budget queries, financial delegations, compliance and procurement. I managed a budget of over $18 million which involved forming strategic relationships with the Directors (EL2s) and the State Manager. An innovative approach that I utilised for internal budgeting purposes was to allocate a training and travel budget for each Section and other administration expenditure was allocated to overheads. I also harnessed information from the Human Resource section on staff moves and any other expenditure throughout the office. I worked independently by preparing for the State Manager a monthly report which included a forecast of the end of year projection and included variance commentary for the year to date, and monthly actual expenditure versus budget. I managed to keep the budget within a one per cent allowance of the allocated fiscal budget. To prepare the forecast, I accounted for future staffing changes by liaising with Directors to record staff movements and leave.
In October 2013, I was involved in the machinery of government changes and I was transferred to the Department of the Social Services from the Department of Health and Ageing. It was necessary for me to implement financial management and internal budget work processes to comply with National Office…

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