A Business Relationship Between Students And Faculty Essay

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Professor Deborah Miller Fox, a humanities professor at Anderson University writes poignantly on the topic of what has become a “business relationship” between students and faculty. Fox argues that, “the real currency with which students acquire knowledge and/or professional skill is their time and attention to the task of learning, not their money”, which furthers the point that should money be eliminated from the equation, students might seek to further themselves in a much more intellectual manner. However, professors are also somewhat to blame for the situation of the perpetuation of consumerism amongst students. Fox writes that, “if students don’t want to pay a premium price for premium intellectual goods, then they shouldn’t expect to get premium personal attention from the instructor” and goes on to make a distinction between students who are willing to invest themselves to the full potential of their intellect, as the ones who will receive the highest return on that very investment. Conversely, those are only in the class for the “bargain” will receive marginally less from the professor, and the course as a whole. Edmundson seconds, this point, arguing that, “the teachers have buckled to their students” views, and even declares that, “[professors] are creating a system that is the mirror image of the one [they’re] dismantling in the curriculum.” This is where the point of Edmundson on consumerism, meets the truth of the matter; that both students and professors,…

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