Essay on A Business Plan For A New Business Department

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Through history man has been creating and adopting strategies so as to achieve an aim. As it was mentioned by Ritson (2013, p.8), the word strategy comes from the ancient Greek word ‘stratos’; which means army. Since then, the mean strategy has been considered to be very important as it is the plan which leads to success (Ritson, 2013, p. 9). Mintzberg and Waters (1985, p. 257) agreed that strategy is treated as an analytic process which establishes the action plans and goals for a business. Yet, a successful strategy needs to be organised through beneficial strategic decisions. Jacobs (2010. p. 2) highlighted that decisions are clearly strategic when they have a broad ‘scope’, create ’added value’, and influence activities and jobs within a company. For example, starting a new company can be taken as a strategic decision; also, formulating a business plan for a new business department can also be seen to be a strategic decision (ibid). Significantly, there are different strategy approaches that can be used so as to organise the appropriate strategy. According to one of Mintzber’s (1990, p. 171) journals, these strategy approaches are known as the Schools of Thoughts. This essay focuses on two of these approaches defined as School of Culture, and School of Learning. Both of these schools are being explained with a range of real life examples, and a parallel critical discussion is included throughout this essay to provide more understanding.

To begin with, in contrast with…

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