A Business Plan And Disaster Recovery Plan Essay

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Imagine you are the owner and CEO of a worldwide business, with thousands of vendors that help to distribute your products, thousands of employees that work for you and a devastating disaster occurs. You never had any solid plan of action for something of this nature. Databases and servers have been lost. A catastrophic loss of this nature could take months to recover from, costing thousands of dollars in lost profits and many employees either working massive amounts of overtime or other employees out of a job. A good business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan is vital to keeping any business or organization running. Businesses and major organizations should have and need a good business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan to ensure that they at any given time can stay up and fully operational with minimal downtime and minimal loss in profit.
A business continuity plan is the way an organization prepares for major issues that arise that could cripple their production and cause loss in profits. This plan goes hand in hand with a disaster recovery plan and can be interchangeable. The plan also lays out guidelines so that employees and vendors understand what the organizations plans are in the event a disaster strikes. “A 2011 survey among Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies found that only 15.9 percent of small and medium sized enterprises and 52 percent of large company respondents have a business continuity plan.”(Kreuter) A…

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