A Business At The Restaurant Supply Business Essay examples

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In accordance to Bill’s experience as a sales representative of several years in the restaurant supply business, he stresses the desire to begin a business of his own in his home. Bill’s experience is varied to visiting restaurants both regular and new, providing clientele with supplies exclusively through him. However, In exception to his expenses, he does little to no record keeping of his supplies. To secure the foundation of starting his own business, this comes to my attention that Bill will need a strategic business start up plan in order to ensure that a smooth transition in managing his own business in regards to hardware, operating systems and other technologies, networking and cost is met.

To first begin the process of starting his business, It is in Bill’s best interest that he first purchase a desktop computer and a smartphone. This deems suitable as Bill will be operating his business at home with little travelling unless necessary. However if there is a possibility where there is a meeting in person with new clients, Bill can access his smartphone to reach his workstation when away from his home business. When Bill is using the desktop, he will be able to establish his business as an official workstation from home. The hardware needed that is important to have the computer functioning at its full advantage is the power supply. The power supply provides the electrical power for all of the internal components such as the CPU, hard drives, memory and other…

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