A Brighter Future For Everyone Essay

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Krystian Marcelo Ruiz
Prof. Stansbury
English 001A
01 May, 2014
A Brighter Future For Everyone
A prevalent theme of the human race is progress, ever since the dawn of man we have constantly pushed our boundaries and progressed. Our history is rich with progress, so naturally we are pushing the envelope with bioengineering. Bioengineering is known as the manipulation of DNA in order to produce certain results in an organism, and it 's research is mostly geared towards humans and plants. Along with progress comes obstacles, and such a step in man-kind is certainly met with opposition. In large part, ethics play an issue to the widespread research of biotechnology with tampering of the natural order and manipulating it. However, with so many initial benefits and unexplored possibilities it is certainly a topic that is still makes us question our own humanity. Genetic engineering has a future in humanity as it is backed by research, aims to benefit society as a whole, and gives many an opportunity for a healthier standard of living.
First, in order to understand what is genetic engineering some background information is necessary. A good example of the base that genetic engineering stands on, when it comes to research, is The Human Genome Project. The aim of the Human Genome project was to map out and identify every gene of the human genome. This endeavor was officially started in 1990 and completed in 2003.Many of the genetic sequences recorded by the…

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