A Brief Report On Silver Toxicity Essay

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Silver Toxicity
Toxicity from silver is observed in the form of argyria, appearance of dark pigments on skins and other body parts, only when there is a large open wound and a very large amount of silver ions are used for dressing. There are no regular reports of silver allergy except some few low-profile cases. Silver nanoparticles in most studies are suggested to be non-toxic. But due to their small size and variable properties they are suggested to be hazardous to the environment.
Investigation of bio-innoxiousness of silver revealed that smaller-sized silver particles are less toxic to skin than larger ones at the same level of concentration. Although small irritation issues has been reported by applying colloidal silver of 30nm particle size, the colloidal silver with 2–3nm particle size has been known to be non-noxious.

4.4.2 COPPER

Studies from various laboratories clearly demonstrate an efficient and rapid killing of bacteria, fungi, and viruses upon exposure to surfaces composed of copper or copper-containing alloys but not stainless steel [33]. These findings were confirmed by standardized testing in an approved “Good Laboratory Practices” facility and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered over 350 copper alloys as having antimicrobial activity against 6 different bacteria.

In order to obtain the first EPA public health registration for a touch surface material, Antimicrobial Copper alloys had to demonstrate efficacy under rigorous,…

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