A Brief Overview Of A Chief Business Executives Essay example

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A Brief Overview of a Chief Business Executives 1Lying down under the starlight down by the water my dad spoke of all of the job opportunities out under the blue sky. I had a subconscious desire to know which one was the job for me. I needed a job that paid me well for what I would like. My dad told me that among the wealthiest of all men were the entrepreneurs. These men and women were willing to take high risk decisions at every turn for the sake and welfare of their business. That was a risk that I was willing to take. This field is one of the widest career fields out there. It has no limits to what is achievable. This means that there are millions of businesses that exist and every one needs someone capable of running it. Why not me? Like I mentioned before, Business is limitless. It can run from deep-sea fishing to toothbrush manufacturing.4 There are executives that run business in Ford Motor Company and Sony Entertainment. Even Companies such as the well know firearm manufacturer Smith & Wesson has occupations in this field. There are even organizations structured especially for Business Executives. 17 Some include ASAE- American Society of Association Executives and NAFE or the National Association of Female Executives. This occupation truly has plenty of open doors when looking for new paths to take. It might seem to some people that these high-paid executives don’t do anything but sit around in their office but this simply isn’t true.3 “Top executives devise…

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