A Brief Note On Work Related Stress With Employees Essay

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Work Related Stress It is extremely important for supervisors to pay attention to signs of job stress and address them with the supervisee and themselves. Supervisors can help provide resources to help supervisees demonstrating symptoms of job stress and make an outside referral as necessary. When discussing work related stress with both supervisors, it was very interesting on the answers due to both individuals going in two completely different directions. Person A had expressed to me that the stress is so overwhelming due to the responsibility and number of staff and programs that they have to oversee. This person worry’s a lot. They worry about the clients. They worry about the day to day interactions of staff and programs, the things that may be going on their lives, and wanting the community health center to be a safe working environment. Person A is constantly worrying about staff getting personal needs met, salaries with the amount of work they have to do. One of the important things person A does is leave work at work and home at home. They also do not friend of Facebook. They mentioned that they have few friends from work and tends to make this area a boundary. They exercise four to six times per week , travel, cook, kayak, and spend time with their loved ones. That is how person A tends to deal with work related stress. Person B openly admitted that they currently are very stressed and do not tend to deal with stress very well at all. Currently, they are…

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