A Brief Note On Win I Peg We Strike Back Essay

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To Win I Peg We Strike Back

In May 1919- June 26, 1919, Canadian protesters lined up in the streets of Winnipeg and began to fight for their justice. Over thirty thousand people fought in one of Canada’s largest strikes. Many were returning veterans from the war who realized that after they returned, they didn’t have a job. These men and women were underpaid, over worked and the condition of their workplaces were inhabitable. The unemployment rate soared as many factories shut down as after the war, many supplies like ammunition and grenades were no longer needed. The cost of living at the time rose by sixty-four percent over 1913. On May 1, 1919, Winnipeg’s metal workers and builders went on strike for higher wages and were followed by an appeal for a general strike by the Winnipeg Trade and Labour Council two weeks later. By 11 am the next day, thirty thousand men and women walked off of their jobs (two-thirds of them were not unionized).
A union is an organized association of workers who have formed together to protect and further their interests; in this case, a labour union was formed. There are many types of unions. A craft union is a name given to unions that represented members who specialized in a particular craft like printing, shoemaking or carpenters. An international union is one that crosses national boarders in the same way an international company does. An industrial union is a union that is a mix of craft and occupational boundaries within an industry…

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