A Brief Note On Ultrasound And Women During The Emergency Department Of Victoria Hospital

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Anna is a fifty five year old woman who was admitted to the Emergency Department of Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario for pelvic pain and postmenopausal bleeding. Upon further assessment, it was discovered that Anna is currently homeless, unemployed, and has little contact with her family. During the nurse’s head-to-toe assessment it was found that the patient had abdominal distention and her physician ordered an X-ray for her to determine if a gastrointestinal issue caused this distention. Once this was ruled out, Anna’s physicians continued to search for the underlying cause of her abdominal distention, in addition to her other admitting symptoms. Anna was then admitted to the hospital as an inpatient on the medicine unit. The day following admission, Anna was moved to a medicine unit where she could have further testing completed to hopefully find the cause of her symptoms. The first test Anna had done was an ultrasound. Ultrasound is commonly used as the first test performed if there is a suspected problem with the ovaries (American Cancer Society, 2016b). A ultrasound can be useful to determine whether there is a tumour present in the ovaries or if there is a fluid-filled cyst (American Cancer Society, 2016b). Additionally, an ultrasound is able to show the internal structure of the ovaries which can help the medical team decide whether the mass is concerning (American Cancer Society, 2016b). In Anna’s case, it was determined that the underlying problem was in her…

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