A Brief Note On Typhoons And Forced Servitude Essay

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Of Typhoons and Forced Servitude
After Trayvon Martin’s horrific murder in 2012, a campaign christened as Black Lives Matter was established to celebrate the undeniable excellence and importance of the African American community and to pursue total social equality, regardless of past prejudices. Even though the 15th Amendment to the United States’ Constitution makes the discrimination or prohibition of rights on the basis of race criminal, African Americans constantly have to strive to prove themselves in a society dominated by the glorification of European descent. The necessity for overcompensation essentially stems from the era of colonization of the United States, when slavery dictated economic progress. The Slave Ship, painted by British artist J. M. W. Turner, ultimately displays the entire essence of slavery, an institution that left a perpetual stain in its departure. From the significant use of contrasting colors to the disposability of slaves, this piece uncovers the true reality of forced servitude. Not only this, but the impending typhoon represents the American Civil War, taking place very soon after Turner published his piece. Fundamentally, the superficial fallacy upheld in the minds of the Anglo-Saxon population, both presently and previously, drastically contrasts reality, inducing conflicts that permanently scarred the face of humanity.
At first glance, the attention of the The Slave Ship’s onlooker is drawn to the bright, prominent colors illustrated…

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