A Brief Note On Types Of Social Media Essays

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Types of Social Media
Social media do not simply mean communication, sharing information, and playing games. Social media has also helped businesses increase revenue for the company by contacting customers, and introducing their products and services to consumers. According to the social savior.com (N.D.) in 2013, marketers argue that was important for business for about 86 percent. A year later that number increased to 92 percent. However, social media expansion was important for their business. Internet users in the United States, with an average usage per day, spend 37 minutes per day, while in 2015 Facebook had nearly 1.5 million users. Other sites are growing quickly as well, although not as much as Facebook is. Therefore, it makes the owner company turn its attention to social media more and more because they will benefit enormously from social media. For example, if Facebook has 1.5 million users, and a company will have consumers from advertising on Facebook, than viral marketing as Facebook has users all the time and advertising on social media that will have people to see it more than another (the social savior.com, N.D.).
The owner company checks, people watch and know target their advertisements such as location, age, sex, education, interests, and relationship. Social media helps find new customers and expand your target audience. If you need to open a restaurant, you can create a fan page on Facebook. For example, we see that the fan page on…

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