A Brief Note On Trench Warfare And The War I Essay

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World War I is something that fascinates a lot of people. However, most people tend to only think of the fighting that was happening during this time, or they will think about the weapons that are involved in the war. The living conditions of the soldiers had a great affect on them, just like the actual fighting did. There were many things that affected them in this like food quality, rats, privacy, and trench foot. These things could have almost the same impact on them as the fighting itself. Trench warfare is the method of digging trenches in the battlefield for protection and a way to defend oneself. This was very popular in World War I. There were about 2,490 kilometers of trenches all over western Europe. They were not huge. They would be about three meters deep and one or two meters wide. This was very hard on the soldiers, especially when they sometimes spent up to two weeks in the trench before relief (“World War I: Life in the Trenches”). In special cases, the troops would spend up to a month in the front at once (“10 Crazy Facts About Trench Warfare”). The trenches started out as very simple holes in the ground that were meant to allow the soldiers to take cover from enemy fire. These holes were fairly shallow. As they became more popular, the trenches became deeper and more complicated. This is when the trenches started to become long and zigzagged. These trenches were not just dirt that had been dug out of the ground. They often included sleeping quarters, a…

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