Causes Of Pain Of Toothache

Anyone who had suffered from the pain of a toothache will surely value knowing some home remedies for toothache. While these remedies do not actually eliminate the dental problem of a decaying tooth; for sure it will help a lot in alleviating the sharp and throbbing often severe pain that comes with the aching teeth. In case the dentist suggests tooth extraction, at least you had reduced the severity of the pain that you are suffering.

There are different causal factors that contribute to an aching tooth. But more often than not, it is often caused by a decaying tooth as a result of inadequate dental hygiene. Failure to brush the teeth after every meal will cause some food particles to be left in-between teeth, which leads to tooth decay. Sometimes brushing the teeth is not
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With the area being numbed, there is less degree of pain being felt. If you cannot stand holding the piece of ice inside the mouth, you can make use of the ice pack; hold it close to the cheeks adjacent to the painful tooth.

* Raw Onion

Chewing a small piece of raw onion would be helpful in reducing the severity of an extremely painful tooth. Though, this is not at all considered as a nice idea by many because it smells and tastes bad.

* Garlic

Garlic has been known to be possessing antibiotic properties. For toothache, grate garlic and mix it with rock salt until it is of the paste consistency. You have to apply the garlic paste to the swollen tooth, leave for a few minutes and you will feel that the pain is getting less and less severe.

* Lime

Lime is considered not only as a tooth remedy but also helps strengthen the teeth as well. Slice the lime and place one slice of lime in the aching tooth for the benefit of relieving the pain. This is one of the most effective home remedy for toothache.

Other home remedies:

Toothache Home Remedies with Clove

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