A Brief Note On The World War I Essay

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World War I started in 1890 because Austria and Serbia wanted the same piece of land. Serbia wanted the land because the people of this land spoke their language. The Serbian Nationalist organization called the black hand, which was a secret organization in Serbia that was in charge of terrorist actions, to assassinate the heir of the throne of Austria. This lead to a war between Austria and Serbia. Then the allies joined in causing World War I. This lead to the modernities of World War I, and these were technology, industry, and urbanization. The military had to improve their weapons which included the technology. This led to the production of more products which increased the industry. And that led to people moving to the cities for industry jobs which results in the increase of urbanization. These are the main modernities found in World War I. The advancement of technology impacted the ways of this war. This was the first war with type of technology. The advancements of the weapons included airplanes, submarines, machine guns, tanks, poison gas, cannons, military shells, and steam boats. This advancement impacted the way the war was fought, because they now had access to more powerful weapons. This meant a larger scale of war, which lead to more power yet more damage. This advancement affected everyone and everything. This advancement in technology led to the increase of production and increase in industry. This war became an Industrial war due to the advancements of…

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