Essay on A Brief Note On The World War I

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When it comes to war, we must evaluate it through deontology. This is because it involves each side’s rights, duties, and the consequences that result from war. Deontology is the best way to evaluate war because it take every side’s duty and rights to fighting in a war or choosing not to go to war into consideration. These two things have a heavy effect on whether war can be considered moral and virtuous and without them we would not be able to evaluate war fairly. Therefore, how a person uses their rights and duties effects the moral or immoral consequence that may result from going to war.
War is a very negative thing that has resulted in bitter hearts, lost lives, and damaged lands. Therefore, our rights to war are very limited. War is not something that we are entitled to when things do not go our way. We only have a right to war when we are protecting or defending ourselves, our land, our freedom, and others. This is because those we want to go to war with have a right to live peacefully. If we go to war for everything that upsets us then we are selfishly taking away the rights of others. We have the right to protect what is ours and our life, but that also means that others have the right to protect themselves and their belongings. Our right to our land and freedom is something we have earned and something that we have great value for, therefore, it also can be fought for if it is placed in any danger. However, going through war means taking or harming someone else’s…

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