A Brief Note On The Word ' Ethno ' Essay example

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The word ‘ethno’ is Greek and refers to a people, nation or cultural grouping, while ‘centric’ comes from Latin and refers to the center, of course. The term ethnocentrism refers to the inclination for each society to place its cultural patterns as the center of things. It is the practice of comparing one’s cultural practices to another and finding the other to be mediocre. Ethnocentrism is a human reaction found worldwide in all known societies, in all groups or clubs, and in mostly all individual. When a child is young, they have a possessive trait over their toys and when in a group of other young children, it translates into “my toys are better than yours.” In public, their parents may scold their offspring from saying things such as that, but in private they may comfort them and say that their toys and other possessions are very nice. In grade school when you have a history class, it is usually to glorify one’s own country. We have a whole course in grade school or high school that is US History, where topics such as war and presidents are the subject. Religious groups may look down on other religions. Civic and other groups may criticize their competitors openly. Ethnocentrism functions to maintain order and are more apparent than those that promote social change. It encourages the unity of the group. If we believe our ways are the best way, it strengthens loyalty to others in our group and it protects the important values that the group believe in. It promotes a…

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