Essay about A Brief Note On The War On Drugs

1900 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Grayson Perry
Ms. Spain
English IV
Rough Draft
The war on drugs The U.S is questioning if they should continue the war on drugs. Drugs are harmful to people, but they are very hard, almost impossible to get off the streets in not only the US, but other countries as well. It is important that the United States is spending money and time on drugs because drugs are too harmful and deadly. Its very important for the health and well being of our country that drugs get off of the street, soon. Some people believe that we should totally stop the war on drugs because the U.S has been fighting this war for so long and we have gotten no where. Those who wish to stop the war on drugs support their opinion with research, claiming that the war on drugs is not beneficial to American Society. The United States has been at war with drug abuse for awhile. In the past, Presidents have tried to eradicate drugs, but were unsuccessful and prisons, jails, and rehab facilities are filling up more than ever. A drug war cannot be won when drug is onn the streets and in peoples everyday life. Drugs are to easy to find and then use. Its very possible in todays society that drug dealers lace the drugs to make them last longer, but the effect is death for the user. The United States should continue the war on drugs because we have been fighting it far too long to just give up now. There are several reasons to why we should give up. First, drugs are killing Americans. Drugs latch onto you and they…

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