A Brief Note On The War On Poverty Essay

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War On Poverty
Many of us view poverty as mainly a third world issue, because it tends to have little effect on most individuals on a daily basis. Yet, it is a problem prevalent in all types of society, despite the overall advances in technology, medicine and education that one country may have over the other. Poverty does not necessarily have to affect a specific individual, but as a country, it affects all levels of production; even when the production of a single country begins to falter, it can have major affects on others, and create a continuous cycle.“Poverty is color blind”, it does not discriminate, and is a societal problem that needs to be dealt with today (Fullerton, par. 3). If not helped or solved, its spiraling consequences will continue to spread farther. However, everyone seems to have a different idea as to how to solve this worldwide issue, some significantly more drastic than others. The easiest way, is to solve this problem is domestically. If each country were to focus on their internal economic infrastructure, and create jobs and social services for their people, it would be a helpful beginning step. As for the U.S., many people are against the current “over-funding” of social aid programs from the government, such as Social Security and Medicare. However, it may not necessarily be overfunding that is the only problem, and these programs are highly vital to the process of eliminating poverty, so it is highly crucial to continue their funding. The…

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