A Brief Note On The Volunteer Service Abroad Essay

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Volunteer Service Abroad, VSA, is one of New Zealand largest, most experienced volunteer organisations, targeting international development in the wider Pacific. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, it is funded by the New Zealand government, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). VSA originated in 1962, by the founding President, Sir Edmund Hillary, he passionately believed that people working together as equals had the ability to achieve incredible things (Volunteer Service Abroad, 2016a). Ultimately, this created the foundations of what VSA believes today, aligning with their vision of “Developing a better future together” (Volunteer Service Abroad, 2016a). Essentially, the basis of what VSA does is support skilled New Zealanders to volunteer in the wider Pacific region. From there, these volunteers are able to teach their experience and knowledge to the local people, working alongside them to achieve what is important to the local community through sustainable economic, social and environmental development (Volunteer Service Abroad, 2016a). Ultimately, this results in sustainable development, as these practices are able to withstand operation well after the volunteer has left. In order to ensure that all assignments are benefiting the local, community, VSA has developed in-country partnerships which volunteers are able to work with, thus, all assignments remain locally relevant, targeting the aspects of the country that needs developing. VSA currently has…

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