Essay on A Brief Note On The Upper Class Society

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People are born into what they know best and think that is all that they know. The upper class society has better advantages to provide the people with the best of the best in a good education, great insurance, and less crime rates. Neighborhoods where poverty is around has a better chance of people not being given a good education, great insurance, and more crime is seen in these areas. Although, people have the choice of sticking around and blaming their upbringing or they can take the initiative and prove that they are more capable then what society says they can or cannot do. So how does our social class, as an individual, affect the chances that we have to pursue in life with an education, work, and health? A nice, well put together community has good schools that are able to give their people a better chance and choice in where they end up in life. Somebody who is born in a richer neighborhood and is considered upper class, has a much better chance of being introduced to the right opportunities. They can be given the best education where private schools are offered but they cost more money to attend. As for a more poverty stricken community, where their schools have been less cared about and they cannot afford the best technology and books to be given to their students to learn. These poorer communities do not have the access to wonderful things like a richer community. Being born into a poorer community gives people less of a chance to get a good education and in…

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