A Brief Note On The United States ' Health Care System Essay

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1. What are the major problems in the United States’ health care system? Why have the problems not been fixed?
Major problems in the United States or United States’ health care system are as follows:
1. Accessibility to affordable healthcare
2. Poorly coordinated care
3. Growing Costs
4. Technology has surpassed the mindset of healthcare providers; healthcare needs to be readily accessible through the information systems, i.e. personal information.
5. Complications from surgery due to negligence from service providers or contact with an infectious disease during treatment or recovery.
6. Transparent (lack of) costs and knowledge of treatment prior to surgery and tests.
7. Escalated charges in the hospital and doctors to attain retribution from insurance companies.
8. Specialists lack a team approach to individuals’ healthcare. (Stremikis, Schoen, & Fryer, 2011) The prior information listed: 1 – 8 were referenced from article, “A Call to Change…”
9. The United States suffers from a decline in the number of doctors and nurses who are employed in the healthcare system.
10. Bankruptcy due to high costs of health care.
11. Individuals work later in life due to health care costs; then are not able to retire.
12. Inflated hospital bills inhibit access to health care.
13. Ambulance services are inflated and not structured to maximize care.
14. Individuals experience health care rejection due to height, weight, and size.
15. Call centers push individuals away if…

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