Essay about A Brief Note On The United States Health Care System

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Understanding Stakeholders
The United States health care system consists of many ‘players’, or stakeholders as we’ve studied over the past few weeks. Stakeholders are individuals who take an interest in something that is being offered, the thing that is at stake may or may not have a direct impact on the stakeholder. Stakeholders such as government, business, and employees have a great amount of influence on healthcare policy. Stakeholders can influence cost; the affordability of healthcare is a hot topic.
The textbook discusses employer provided healthcare and government provided healthcare; the different programs, benefits, and costs established by these entities can impact the way health care is utilized and distributed. There are several stakeholders that have different objectives with their plans in health care. Throughout the remainder of this paper I will discuss private and public stakeholders along with their competing objectives.
Major Stakeholders Stakeholders in the health care system can include consumers, patients, employers, physicians, insurance providers and government. “Stakeholders are those entities that are integrally involved in the health care system” (St. Joseph’s University, 2011). Each stakeholder plays different roles within the healthcare system.
There are stakeholders that are concerned with cost, some focus strictly on provided the consumer with the best experience and making it affordable. Each stakeholder can influence the healthcare…

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