Essay on A Brief Note On The United States, Sweden, Afghanistan

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III. Culture a. Religion- United States, Sweden, Afghanistan
The United States contains 51.3 percent of Americans who associate with being Protestants followed by Roman Catholics, while in Sweden 87 percent of the people associate with being Lutheran (The World Factbook, N.d.). Lutherans and Protestants are almost identical religions, Lutherans came from Protestants. Protestants establish clear bounties that support separate gender norms (Tranby and Zulkowski, 2012). In the United States many religions such as Roman Catholics are not in support as same sex marriage or abortion. In a catholic religion women are not allowed to take part in becoming a priest or knights of Columbus. Afghanistan’s main religion is Muslim (The World Factbook; N.d.) under Muslim religion in Afghanistan women were subjected to forced marriages, specific guideline and regulations on how they acted in public (Moghadam; 1999) (Manganaro and Alozie; 2011). Women marry young to start a family whereas in the Unites States most don’t marry till mid or late 20’s. Afghanistan is a patriarchy society which entitles criteria that woman to subordinate to their husbands (Moghadam; 1993). Men have all the power in Afghanistan’s society. Under Muslim religion is a Quranic which is the central ideology of Islamic religion (Manganaro and Alozie; 2011). Under the Quranic it states there is a difference between a women’s place and males place in society.
b. Education- United States, Sweden, Afghanistan
Education is…

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