A Brief Note On The Transnational Corporations ( Mncs ) And Multinational Enterprises

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Everyone nowadays cannot avoid the impacts of the globalisation. Some people gain the positive consequences of the globalisation. Businessmen can contact their customers around the world anytime through internet. Meanwhile, some people get the negative results of the globalisation. Bad persons use the internet to get the personal information from others. Globalisation has positive and negative effects to economy, politic, and culture and these are mutually related. Education is one thing that is affected from the globalisation in the economic, political and cultural dimensions.
Globalisation increases the economic competition (Carnoy, 2014). The transnational corporations (TNCs) and multinational enterprises play significant roles in economic world (Rizvi, 2004, Sklair, 1999). People who share the same desire are together to ask what they want. All of these diminish the power of the state or the governments. Therefore, the state or the governments have to be ready to confront the globalisation. Education is used as a means to respond to the globalisation. Education develops economic growth by producing higher educated labour (Carnoy, 2014) and knowledge. However, there are concerns about the education’s quality and these lead to the educational reforms and the measurements and comparisons of educational outcomes (Carnoy, 2014). To assure the quality of the curriculums and the graduates, there are educational qualifications frameworks in the national level such as the…

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