Essay on A Brief Note On The Terrorism And Terrorism

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Adjusting To Terrorism Paper Since the Oklahoma City bombing and the attacks of 911, law enforcement agencies across the nation have been required to establish new strategies to prevent terrorism activities on U.S. soil and to protect U.S. interests abroad. The wave of incidents of terrorism that has struck the entire world in the last two decades is undoubtedly nurtured by the evolution of criminal networks. Terrorist groups have revolutionized their ways of committing crime by utilizing innovative technologies on a global scale. U.S. law enforcement agencies must be prepared to respond to this threat in kind. Placing a focus on prevention needs to be a top priority in criminal justice agencies in an effort to combat terrorism more effectively.
Proposed administrative change to combat terrorism effectively. Placing a focus on prevention to combat terrorism in a local law enforcement agency would require administrative change. To begin with, establishing a counterterrorism division within a local law enforcement agency calls for hiring experts in the field that will enhance efforts already in place in the fight against terror. These experts are crime analysts and intelligence analysts that help police understand the aspects of crime networks and individuals (Peak, 2012). The counterterrorism division would collaborate with law enforcement agencies within the U.S. and across the globe in investigating terrorist groups and sharing information to thwart terrorist activities.…

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