Essay about A Brief Note On The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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A History To Rewrite - Syrian Refugee Crisis
The United States of America is always considered as a role model country for many other countries and people of different countries. People of different countries always look at America as their final hope when their country is going through different crisis. Moreover, America always share a great history of stepping up and help protecting the rights and moral values of those people in need. This time, the innocence Syrian people are looking at the America as their final hope due to the civil war going in their country. Syria a well conventional farmland, located in the middle east which was established around 10,000 years ago. The country is going in a war with their government due to which put many lives at a risk. Their homes and villages are bombarded daily and innocent people are getting short down every day. Due to which, the one who luckily survived fled to their neighbour countries and Europe to seek protection and for a better future. These countries have done their part very nicely and had accepted a majority of the refugee population into their different cities and regions where they can reestablish their life. Besides this, we as the great American has only permitted a very negligible people into our country which is a total of 10,000 people only. These refugees are judged on their religion stereotypes which is stopping our government to let them into our country. Another misconception is that by letting more people…

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