Essay on A Brief Note On The State Of California

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The state of California has a history of poor water management, from a long string of over pumping aquifers and groundwater, to constant infiltration and contamination of groundwater from sea waters. California has put no effort into preventing future catastrophic dry seasons, but with a perfect chance, like a near flooding of all aquifers in the Central Valley area of California, change could be about to happen. Despite California’s poor water management, the state has some of the most highly mineralized water in the country, with an incredibly high Nitrate level and a large amount of Iron and Manganese. It also has a nearly undetectable amount of Herbicide or Fumigants contamination, unlike most nearby water sources with extreme agricultural use.

In March of 2016, the Upper Sacramento area of California was hit by a record storm. This storm filled most water reservoirs to record capacities (California Data Exchange Center). The reservoir that was impacted the most was Lake Shasta, this spring surpassed its historical average capacity of 3,500,000 acre-feet (an area of water covering one acre, with a depth of one foot) by 82,000 acre-feet in as little as 11 days (California Data Exchange Center). The amount that the Lake Shasta, and one other reservoir in the area, gained is “enough water for about 3 million California households for a year” (Brekke). This could be good news for those in the area who have been hit hardest by California’s dry season, as March is the…

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