Essay on A Brief Note On The State Of North Carolina

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Mecklenburg county in state of North Carolina is a biggest county. Its population is 1,053,956 and total population in North Carolina is about 10,042,802. Population for children age under 13-year-old is approximately 201,208 and senior citizens above age of 50 years old is around 305,663. According to census female population was around 51.9%. Race and ethnicity is divided into various categories. Population of White in Mecklenburg County is around 49.3%, blacks or African Americans is 32.1%, Asian 5.2%, Hispanic or Latino is 12.6% and American Indian and Alaska is approximately around 0.8%, and veteran’s population is around 58,000. This paper focuses on the statistics of individuals in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. It also discusses possible health concerns and assessment within this population. Breast cancer is one of the major health assessment in Mecklenburg County. The primary focal point of this paper is to discuss breast cancer, its causes, symptoms, benefits and risk of screening, and prevention.
The leading public health concern in Mecklenburg County is Chronic Disease. There are four major chronic diseases that affect Mecklenburg County residents and nearly 50% of all premature deaths in Mecklenburg County. Theses chronic diseases are cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. They are tied to several modifiable risk factors such as smoking, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity.
The percent of premature deaths related to chronic conditions has…

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